Cavallari talks ‘weird pregnancy sex’

Kristin Cavallari has revealed her husband Jay Cutler sometimes get freaked out about fornicating while she’s with child.

Kristin Cavallari admits her husband thinks pregnancy sex is “weird”.

The 27-year-old former The Hills star is currently expecting her second son with Jay Cutler, a professional American football quarterback for the Chicago Bears.

And Kristin thinks her brawny beau’s reaction to intimacy right now is hilarious.

“Sex is funny when you’re pregnant. Guys get weird about it,” Kristin told Fit Pregnancy magazine in an interview for the April/May issue.

“I’m like, ‘Oh Jay, the baby’s kicking!’ And he’s like, not wanting to know about it.”

But Kristin isn’t bothered by her husband’s reactions.

She thinks it is essential to communicate, and the star keeps herself open to what Jay has to say.

“[It’s] important for women to realise — if your guy is a little weirded out but isn’t good at expressing that, it can be isolating,” Kristin shared, before quipping, “Lingerie always helps too.”

Kristin is due in May, and she believes keeping the spark alive in her marriage is necessary despite being seven months along.

“It’s important to make time for the relationship. Lighting a candle and taking a bath together is great — it doesn’t even have to be in a sexual way, just getting in the bath and talking,” she said.

“Jay and I have date nights too, going out for dinner. It’s not as often as we’d like, but we do our best. Just putting a cute outfit on is a thrill for me.”
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Saturday, 22. March 2014