Drake and Rihanna's 'creative rush'

Rihanna and Drake's relationship is said to be "the real deal".

Drake and Rihanna reportedly “get a rush out of each other’s creative brains”.

The rumoured couple, who originally dated in 2009 before appearing to reunite again recently, are said to have made their relationship official

“He’s all about being rational and rising above things. He’s helped tame he wild ways. She’s so much more relaxed in his company and she respects him, seeking out his advice on all sorts of things, from music to fashion,” a source explained to British magazine Closer.

“They’re intellectual equals and they both get a rush out of each other’s creative brains… Even though she’s trying to play it coo, there’s a really deep connection between them. It’s what Rihanna needs right now. She’s very happy and isn’t kidding anyone – she’s in love. It’s the real deal.”

Before reportedly settling down with Drake, Rihanna had an on/off relationship with Chris Brown. Now the 26-year-old beauty has taken things forward with her beau and her family are said to be thrilled by the new romance.

“[Drake] knows she’s had to get Chris out of her system. She’s had to deal with a lot but Drake is the perfect antidote,” the insider added.

“Rihanna’s family couldn’t be happier about this turn of events. They’ve wanted her to get serious with Drake for years and were devastated when it didn’t work out in the past. Drake’s good friends with Ri-Ri’s family and was even spotted with her half-sister Samantha when he was in Berlin for a tour performance last month.”

It seems Rihanna has reportedly learnt the error of her ways for ending things with Drake in the first place.

“In so many ways, she never stopped loving Drake after they found that deep connection in 2009, and they’ve been on and off in secret,” the source revealed.

“They’re a perfect match and she says she’s determined not to let him go again.”
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Friday, 21. March 2014