Lena ‘so proud of her man’

Lena Dunham reportedly enjoyed “pointing out her man’s antics” while he performed a concert this week.

Lena Dunham was “so proud of her man” during his gig.

The 27-year-old Girls star has been dating Jack Antonoff, lead guitarist for band Fun, since 2012.

And according to People magazine, the star was “laughing, clapping and pointing out her man’s antics” while he performed onstage with his band at the Troubadour in West Hollywood Wednesday night.

Lena was in the VIP section with a small collection of her loved ones and her love for Jack was apparent throughout the show.

“She stood almost the entire time,” an onlooker described to the publication.

“She bopped her head and occasionally pointed to the stage and whispered in her friends’ ears with a big smile on her face as though she was so proud of her man. It was clear she was focused on him the entire night.”

Lena’s career exploded with success shortly after she began her relationship with Jack.

The star has spoken previously about how privileged she feels to have Jack by her side as she faces controversy related to celebrity.

“I remember talking with him on our first date and him being like, ‘God, all the articles about your nudity on the show are such bullsh*t.’ It’s funny, ’cause in some ways that’s the conversation we still have when I’m upset [about stuff I read],” she revealed during a cover interview for the April 2014 edition of America’s Glamour magazine.
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Thursday, 20. March 2014