Emma Stone's Spice tears

Emma Stone was "so excited" when she received a video message from former Spice Girl Mel B.

Emma Stone was reduced to tears after watching a video message from Mel B.

The 25-year-old actress has made no secret of being a fan of ’90s girl group the Spice Girls. She previously revealed she dreamed of being Baby Spice Emma Bunton when her hair was blonde and dressed as the singer when she was younger.

During an interview with Australian radio station 2DayFM to promote her upcoming film The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Emma was left shocked when the presenters said they had something to show her.

The clip was of Scary Spice Mel, who often acts as a co-host on the show but was unable to be in the studio at the time.

“Is Mel B talking to me? Oh my gosh, I’m so excited. I’m legitimately crying. I’m the biggest Spice Girls fan ever,” Emma cried out when the video began playing.

“Hi Emma, this is Mel B here. First of all I want to say I absolutely adore you – I love you – and I wanted to say thank you for being such a Spice Girl fan. Who knew?” the musician shared.

Emma couldn’t stop squealing as she stared at the screen. The flame-haired actress was left even more excited when Mel gave her a challenge to perform for the listeners.

“But my question to you is, why did you like Baby Spice and not me more? And your punishment for that is that I want you do to a rendition of one of the Spice Girls songs,” Mel stated.

Emma wiped tears away from her eyes once the recording had finished. Speaking to the presenters she couldn’t stop repeating how thrilled she was.

“You guys, I’m really excited,” Emma exclaimed. “I’m legitimately excited.”

She then took a deep breath before belting out the rap from the middle of the band’s hit song Wannabe.

Emma shared her love of the Spice Girls back in 2012 during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. She gave details about what she would wear to replicate Emma’s iconic look

“If we’re being honest, it was Spice World [where I got my style]. I wanted platform shoes and crop tops and I wanted to dress like the Spice Girls,” she laughed at the time.
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Thursday, 20. March 2014