Mayer ‘sues over fake Rolexes’

John Mayer claims he spent more than $650,000 on fake designer watches, according to legal documents acquired by TMZ.

John Mayer is reportedly suing a watch dealer for allegedly defrauding him.

The 36-year-old singer and timepiece collector is said to have splashed out $5 million on rare Rolexes.

In legal documents acquired by TMZ, John reportedly claims he was defrauded by a man named Robert Maron after the pair met in 2007.

John alleges he purchased multiple watches from the defendant but in 2010 was told one of the pieces was “not authentic in all respects” after he sent it to the manufacturer for repair.

Robert reportedly labeled the incident an “isolated event”, and gave John a credit.

The singer claims the following year he was informed by Rolex at least seven of his watches were counterfeit, according to the website.

John is reportedly seeking a refund for the seven watches in question in the amount of $656,000. The singer was apparently satisfied with other watches purchased from the defendant.

Spokespersons for the parties had not commented publicly on the matter at press time.

John has reportedly been having a rocky few weeks.

The singer has apparently split from on-and-off love Katy Perry, according to recent reports, despite rumours the pair were close to walking down the aisle.

Sources said earlier this month it was the incessant gossip surrounding John’s commitment to Katy that eventually caused the separation.

“Katy has always been concerned about John’s infidelities. And I guess she was right, he does have a womanising reputation,” an insider told British magazine Grazia. “He’s apparently been seeing girls in a number of different cities and he’s even rumoured to have a secret girlfriend in San Diego who flies to see him whenever Katy is away.”

A spokesperson for the singer has not commented on the sensational claim.
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Wednesday, 19. March 2014