The best looks of the SXSW 2014

  • The best looks of the SXSW 2014.

  • Lady Gaga not only played a concert at the SXSW as part of the iTunes festival, but also agreed to be interviewed. Here, she conjured up her dreadlocks again.

  • Girls’ star Lena Dunham impressed in her vintage look.

  • At the ‘Woodie Awards’ that took place during the festival this year, we positively noticed Wiz Khalifa and his wife Amber Rose.

  • However, their partner look outfits of these two were less convincing.

  • Kristen Bell appeared for the premiere of her new film ‘Veronica Mars’ and put sported an ethno design.

  • Just like co-star Krysten Ritter.

  • Erykah Badu was right on-trend with her oversized hat.

  • Sean Lennon appeared in a brown outfit with a red scarf as contrast.

  • Newcomer Sam Smith prefers it classical.

  • Kanye West proved during his SXSW performance that men can wear skirts, too.

  • Rosario Dawson came to the premiere of ‘Cesar Chavez’ in a loud dress with floral design.

  • Charli XCX’s outfit was not as bright and colourful, but it still managed to convince us.

  • Janelle Monae was once again very stylish during her performance.

  • St. Vincent also sported a very convincing stage outfit.

  • Hannah Reid from London Grammar chose a casual look for Texas.

  • Josie-Claire Buerkle from the German band CLAIRE was also guest at SXSW.

  • The outfit of Charlotte Kemp Muhl from the band The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger embodied real Rock ‘n’ Roll.

  • Even with short hair, snowboarding legend Shaun White is a real eye-catcher.

  • Actor Josh Hartnett now wears his hair longer again.

  • This is how we know Juliette Lewis.

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    Find all the stars that really convinced us with their outfits as this years’ ‘South By Southwest’ in Austin in our Style gallery!

    After ten days of new trends in the areas of music, film and technology, the famous ‘South By Southwest’ festival in Austin, Texas came to an end. Just like in previous years, there was a huge range of performances by superstars, such as Coldplay or Kanye West, as well as showcases by up-and-coming bands from all over the world in 2014.

    On Friday, Lady Gaga ensured some headlines again, when she once again tested the boundaries of good taste during her SXSW performance. The 27-year old just let herself be tied to a post and be turned over an artificial fire like a suckling pig. But that was not all. At the end of her song ‘Swine’, an artist appeared on the stage to throw up all over Lady Gaga in front of thousands of fans. We guess a Gaga concert without any provocation would be somewhat boring.

    Kanye West and Jay Z gave a brilliant performance at the SXSW. The two rappers showed off some solo tracks and songs from their joint album ‘Watch The Throne’. Anyone hoping for guest appearances by Beyoncé and Justin Timberlake or the announcement of a second joint album, was, however, disappointed. At least Kayne managed to surprise the audience in terms of fashion by sporting a man-skirt.

    We had a good look around ‘South By Southwest’ for you and have found the best outfits and hottest looks. You can find the celebrity guests who not only won in terms of style on-stage, but also in front of the camera, in our Style gallery!

    Monday, 17. March 2014