Allison Williams: Lena is astounding

Allison Williams’ knowledge of cultural references is nothing compared to Lena Dunham's.

Allison Williams believes Lena Dunham is an old soul.

The 25-year-old actress plays Marnie Michaels in award-winning TV show Girls, which is written by and co-stars Lena.

The show has made stars out of the lead actresses, but Allison is quick to point out it’s Lena’s talent for cultural references that contribute to Girls’ appeal.

“Lena Dunham is an old soul. Her cultural references are from way before she was born. They make me feel like I’ve never watched a film in my life! She has a wisdom and gentleness to her,” Allison explained to British magazine Grazia.

The character of Marnie isn’t that far removed from the real life Allison, though the star only sees traces of her on-screen alter ego in her personality.

Season three of Girls premiered earlier this year and has seen the lead characters faces more trials and tribulations as they continue to navigate life in New York City.

“She’s a perfectionist and so am I. Playing her I can see how it’s perfectionism and pride that prevents her from getting any peace. I would call myself a perfectionist too – although I’ve let go of trying to be perfect. Will Marnie get where she wants to? I hope so,” Allison mused.

Prior to being cast on the show, which has won two Golden Globes and an Emmy Award since its 2012 debut, Allison only had small parts on a handful of TV programmes.

Landing the part of a lifetime was all thanks to an internet video.

“I got the part though YouTube. I did a mash-up of Nat King Cole’s Nature Boy and the theme from Mad Men. They were looking for someone to play Marnie, and Judd [Apatow, producer] saw two seconds and thought ’That’s her!’” she laughed.
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Sunday, 16. March 2014