Premiere: Sleeping With The Family

How would it be if your partner moved in with you and your parents?

What’s it like when your parents hate your other half? We move a teen couple into the house of one of their parents for two weeks to test their relationship – in Week 1, they live by the parents’ rules, but in week 2, the teens lay down the law. Will living up close and personal with a partner’s family challenge their pre-conceptions or confirm their worst fears? And what will our young couples learn about themselves in the process?

In the first episode we’ll get to know 19-year-old Brandon, who’s an Motor cross pro and plans to become Champion. He’s hot, young, successful and very ambitious. He’s mother Darlene and Father Paul’s entire world and they do anything to support him in his career. He’s been racing since he was four years old and plans to move to California. But there’s one problem – Brandon has a girlfriend, Gracie.

Darlene means that the 20-year old Gracie is a distraction and will take to much attention from Brandon’s motor cross career. Darlene doesn’t like Gracie’s lifestyle or her way of dressing, and find it difficult to accept her – she simply wants her out of his son’s life. But Gracie does not intend to leave Brandon, whom she loves and plans a future with.

Don’t miss the premiere of Sleeping With The Family Sunday April 6 on MTV!

Friday, 21. March 2014