Derülo: Larry King is rap boss

Jason Derülo is impressed by how well iconic radio and television host Larry King uttered lyrics in his Talk Dirty video.

Jason Derülo is convinced Larry King “was a rapper in his past life”.

The 24-year-old musician recently released a compilation video of celebrities dancing and singing along to his hit track Talk Dirty.

Iconic radio and television host Larry King, 80, made an appearance in the promo, and Jason is blown away by how well the octogenarian uttered his song lyrics.

“That dude made the video,” Jason told MTV News, noting he asked Larry to do it after wrapping up an interview with the presenter.

“He was just like, ‘Yeah, let’s go. What do you need me to do?’ One time. He did it one time, on the beat and everything. I think he was a rapper in his past life.”

Jason thought it was a “huge deal” to be interviewed by Larry, who has won two Peabodys and ten Cable ACE Awards since beginning his broadcasting career in 1957.

But when he requested the cameo, the hitmaker was most concerned about having fun.

“I’m just trying to have a good time and live every day like it’s my last,” Jason explained. “The song is not something that you take too seriously. It’s a very fun song that’ll get you moving, get you dancing. So I wanted to see what everybody’s take on it was, what they would do.”

Jason is gearing up for the US release of his new record Talk Dirty in April, which features his eponymous single. The celebrity-rich music promo that was recently released sees stars like One Direction, Tyler Posey and Jason’s girlfriend Jordin Sparks dancing and singing to the track.
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Friday, 14. March 2014