Emmy Rossum: I’ve never done drugs

Emmy Rossum has revealed she is the complete opposite of her character in Shameless.

Emmy Rossum has never touched a drug in her life.

The 27-year-old has starred in the hit US version of Shameless since 2011 and recently her character Fiona Gallagher has started dabbling with drugs.

But in real life, Emmy has never touched an illegal substance and she has no intention to.

“I’ve never done drugs,” she told CBS This Morning on Wednesday.

Emmy, who has also starred in films including The Phantom of the Opera and The Day After Tomorrow, went on to explain she is very careful about what she puts into her body on a daily basis.

According to the actress, even the cocaine substitute they use on the show isn’t something she’s keen on having in her system.

“[The milk powder is] going somewhere into your brain cavity,” she said. “It’s not good. I told them [the camera crew] they could have two takes per nostril and that was it. I was putting a limit on it.”

It isn’t the first time Emmy has discussed her zero tolerance of drugs.

In the January issue of Company magazine, the Poseidon actress revealed she got her views on drugs from her mum.

“[My mum is] very old-fashioned about ethics and drugs and alcohol. Weirdly she is very progressive about boys. She never had a thing with me going out on dates, even at 15 or 16,” she confessed.

“I would say there was a lot of openness in the house, but no drugs, no alcohol. To this day, I’ve never done a hard drug. I’ve never done cocaine, I’ve never done heroin, I’ve never done ecstasy, which is literally everywhere. It just was never interesting to me.”
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Wednesday, 12. March 2014