Harry and Cressida ‘enjoying freedom’

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas reportedly “want to live a normal life” for as long as they can.

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas are “enjoying their freedom” for as long as possible.

While the couple are apparently talking about marriage, neither is in any hurry to tie the knot.

Both Harry and Cressida reportedly want to take advantage of the relative privacy they have now, because they are aware it won’t last.

“Up until now Cressida has loved the fact they can have a lot of freedom in public, they don’t hit the headlines when they go to dinner and they can enjoy their relative anonymity around Chelsea,” a source told E! News. “But they are fully aware once they decide to proceed to marriage things will get a little crazy and the attention on them will increase. So it’s very much a ‘let’s enjoy this while it lasts’ before they move forward.”

Harry, 29, and Cressida, 25, are frequently seen having low-key dinner dates around London, with the minimum of fuss. If an engagement is announced, the pair know they will be the focus of intense scrutiny.

“Harry and Cressida have made a point of talking about marriage and what changes they’re going to have to make to their life of late,” the insider continued. “According to friends of Cressida’s, the couple have decided to try and keep their semi normal lifestyle as long as physically possible.”

Cressida has apparently been getting plenty of help and advice from Catherine ‘Kate’ Middleton, wife of Prince William. Having gone through it already, Kate is said to be extremely friendly towards the socialite and welcomed her with open arms.

“Kate’s been brilliant with Cressida and has been giving her advice,” the source added. “She likes her very much and has offered her tips on how to keep her normality. Kate’s been there and done it and, while she knows Cressida won’t be as talked about and followed like she was, she needs to get a real slant on what happens.”
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Tuesday, 11. March 2014