Kanye ‘delightful’ in Rio

Kanye West “went out of his way to be pleasant” to fans and photographers in Brazil.

Kanye West was reportedly incredibly nice to fans in Brazil over the weekend.

The rapper was in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday for the famous Carnival, and it’s claimed he went out of his way to be pleasant.

According to E! News, Kanye even smiled for paparazzi as he walked through the airport and posed for endless pictures with young fans.

Meanwhile fiancée Kim stayed at home with their daughter North West, claiming it would be too much work travelling with a young baby.

“I have to take North [West] to a birthday party. Too much traveling for such a short trip! I will visit soon! I really love it there!” she told a fan on Mobio.

Kanye apparently stayed at a friend’s apartment while in Rio, and toured the city with Brazilian artist Vik Muniz. Vik joined the rapper and a group of people to visit a slum called the Morro do Vidigal, before heading to a churrascaria (barbeque).

Saturday was the last day of Carnival, also known as the Desfile das Campeãs day. This is the day when three samba schools compete in a parade called the Sambadrome Marquês de Sapucaí.

Although Kanye watched from the VIP area, he reportedly fell asleep at one point, despite the loud drums.

According to E!, the musician will be heading to Austin, Texas this week to kick off the SXSW concert series on Wednesday night.

Aside from performing, the singer is busy planning his upcoming wedding with Kim. The couple are getting married in France on May 24, according to reports.
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Tuesday, 11. March 2014