Juliette Lewis: I was really introverted

Juliette Lewis has revealed how she’s changed upon reaching her 40th Birthday.

Juliette Lewis used to be really “insular” and “introverted”.

The actress has been nominated for an Academy Award and she also has a successful music career.

But Juliette has revealed that in her younger days, she was as meek as a mouse.

“I used to be really insular, really introverted, spoke very little words,” she told People Magazine. "I couldn’t articulate myself.”

While Juliette felt tongue tied and shy in person, in her early career, her relationships did the talking for her.

From 1990 to 1993 she dated Brad Pitt, who is ten years her senior, and she also dated her What’s Eating Gilbert Grape co-star Johnny Depp.

“[News coverage was] usually about Brad Pitt or drug addiction, which hasn’t been me since I was 22," she added to the publication, “I’m 40. I quit all my bulls**t at 22. There is growth. Get out of the past.”

Juliette turned 40 in June last year and its lead to a change in attitude and outlook for the actress, who spent time in a rehabilitation centre for drug addiction during her 20s.

“I like doing roles that are rooted, where the character has a history and a range of emotion,” she explained.

Juliette has two films at the SXSW arts festival: Kelly & Cat, and the darkly emotional Hellion.

As well as her movie career, Juliette is also preparing her new album, her fifth so far, after an extended break from her music.

“I took five years off of movies, just making music and touring,” she explained. “I am mid-life, and this is a new chapter for me.”
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Monday, 10. March 2014