Bublé's 'a fun drunk'

Michael Bublé is proud that he's a "happy drunk".

Michael Bublé hugs everyone when he’s drunk.

The handsome singer is considered a heartthrob by his fans, which is helped by the love songs he favours.

Luckily he’s got the fun personality to match, which is especially evident when he’s had a few drinks.

“I’m like my father – I’ll give you everything and hug you and take you to the car – I’m a very happy drunk,” he laughed to the latest edition of British Cosmopolitan magazine.

“Which makes me happy because I had a friend who said the words of a drunk man are the words that the sober man longs to say, so the people who are p***ks when they get drunk are probably p***ks without the alcohol.”

Michael, 38, is married to actress Luisana Lopilato and together they have son Noah, who was born in August last year.

It’s thanks to his wife that Michael has toned down his partying ways.

“For sure,” he answered when asked if she rescued him.

“First up, she’s healthy and I’m a compulsive everythinger – whatever I’m doing, I do it full on, for two days, until I’m sick. But she’s got so much self-control. So when you have someone around like that, you fall into the pattern of eating better, living healthier, drinking less, smoking less. Partying every night was normal for me, and it was nice to have someone who cared about me and said, ‘It doesn’t have to be like that.’”

Michael previously dated British actress Emily Blunt between 2005 and 2008.

He revealed that he doesn’t stay in touch with exes because he thinks it would be “kind of weird”.

While he might be popular with the ladies now, he can remember getting knocked back at a young age.

“Her name really was Jennifer Kiss, and I was 16 and she was my best friend,” he revealed, looking back on his first kiss.

“She didn’t know that I was absolutely in love with her. She saw me as a brother and I told her I’d never really kissed someone, so she said she’d teach me. I thought it was so wonderful, then she said, ‘Meh, that was like kissing my brother.’ My f**king heart just sank.”
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Monday, 10. March 2014