JLaw 'should reconsider break'

Jennifer Lawrence shouldn't take a break from acting if "she wants a career like Meryl Streep's", say movie insiders.

Jennifer Lawrence should “keep up momentum”, say top industry experts.

Last month the stunning blonde actress revealed that after she’s finished work on the last instalment of The Hunger Games, she’ll be turning her phone off “for a year”.

But movie big wigs think that could be massive mistake, as the star should cash in on her huge popularity.

“Jennifer’s been working non-stop, but a whole year’s a long time to not be making movies. She needs to keep up the momentum if she wants a career with longevity like Meryl Streep’s,” LA screenwriter Craig Victor told British magazine Now.

Jennifer shot to superstardom thanks to starring role as Katniss Everdeen in the movie version of hit book series The Hunger Games.

She has also appeared in the X-Men franchise and American Hustle and her turn as Tiffany in 2012’s Silver Linings Playbook earned her a best actress Oscar.

Her relationship with British actor Nicholas Hoult is apparently one of the reason she wants to take a break, as the pair hope to spend more time together.

They met filming X-Men: First Class in 2011, but were reported to have broken up at the start of 2013, blaming hectic work schedules for the split.

Since reuniting last year the pair have been rumoured to be eyeing up property in London, rather than LA.

“She wants it to work this time. She’s decided to take some time for herself,” a source revealed.
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Sunday, 09. March 2014