Drake ‘asks Rihanna to move in’

Drake is reportedly working hard to show Rihanna they should be together for good.

Drake has reportedly asked Rihanna to move in with him.

The former couple are rumoured to have reignited their romance recently, after Rihanna appeared on stage with Drake during one his Paris shows.

It’s now been claimed the rapper is certain Rihanna is The One, so is moving fast to show her he means business.

“Rihanna is smitten right now and wants to be with Drake all the time. She’s telling people that’s he’s such a gentleman and has been surprising her by having her favourite whisky cocktails sent up to their suite,” an insider told British magazine Heat. “Moving in with him so soon after getting back together may seem fast, but they’re reigniting something from a long time ago so they feel closer than couples who’ve just started dating.”

Although Drake is already said to have given Rihanna keys to his Los Angeles home, it’s unsure how the arrangement will work. The Barbados-born singer has a new apartment in New York and has been open about how excited she is to ditch the West Coast.

Rihanna began romancing Drake after her ill-fated romance with Chris Brown, which ended in 2009 when he assaulted her. She was with Drake briefly but ended things, with the rapper later admitting she broke his heart.

The singer then reunited with Chris, before that relationship ended for good last year. There is no love lost between Chris and Drake, who supposedly got into a bar brawl in 2012 after trading jibes about Rihanna.

“Drake’s always loved Rihanna and has made no secret of it. He’s been telling her for years that he’s the man for her and she’s finally listened,” the insider explained.
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Thursday, 06. March 2014