Selena and Taylor ‘are fine’

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are “cool with each other”.

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are reportedly not feuding, despite rumours to the contrary.

There was speculation about the state of the friendship after they apparently avoided each other at the Vanity Fair Oscar afterparty on Sunday night.

But the pair are said to be “totally cool with each other”.

“They did interact briefly with pleasantries, but were also separate for most of the night while they were there. There are so many celebrities there, and things happening, that they both were too busy with their own night,” told Hollywood Life. “They didn’t really connect because they were hanging out in their own worlds.”

The insider goes onto explain that it’s difficult to mingle too much at the party because so much of it is talking to powerful people.

Apparently both Selena and Taylor were busy networking and meeting new people and that’s why they didn’t spend a lot of time together.

“When you mingle at that party, it’s hard to bounce around and get involved in other conversations with people you usually hang out with,” the source explained. “The Vanity Fair party is all about business and talking to people you usually don’t have the chance to mingle with. Selena and Taylor are totally cool with each other, no feud.”

While Selena and Taylor may be on good terms, the same can’t seem to be said for her relationship with Justin Bieber.

Justin posted a picture of Selena on his Instagram account with the caption "Most elegant princess in the world”.

Unfortunately for the troubled pop star, Selena actually “laughed out loud” when she saw it, according to TMZ. She also reportedly thought it was “stupid and childish”.
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Thursday, 06. March 2014