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Victoria Beckham played Cupid for her former Spice Girls bandmate Mel C.

Victoria Beckham tried to “set up” Mel C and a friend.

The two former Spice Girls remain friends and while Victoria is married to soccer star David, who she has four kids with, Mel is currently single.

Hoping to help her pal find love, the fashion designer decided to introduce the singer to one of her acquaintances.

“Victoria introduced me to someone,” Mel told British magazine OK!

“I think it’s really difficult, isn’t it? Someone who thinks he’s so lovely… Yes, he’s lovely, but I so don’t fancy him!”

Mel revealed that the guy also worked in the fashion industry and that he was stylish.

However, she didn’t want to spill too much about the less than successful date.

“Well, let’s not get into it too much!” she laughed.

“But of course, all of my girlfriends are like, ’I’d like you to meet such-and-such a person.’ It raises the stakes when it’s a friend of a friend. You have to meet people naturally, organically.”

In the past, the 40-year-old has considered using online matchmaking sites.

However, she’s not sure how she would get on with a dating app such as Tinder.

“Could I get away with it? Can you imagine?!” she grinned.

“A few single girlfriends have done internet dating and I’m really jealous, I just don’t think I can do it – it’s tricky. I haven’t really met anyone over the last couple of years, but I hadn’t been single for about ten years, so it’s nice to just hang with my girlfriends, have fun.”
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Tuesday, 04. March 2014