Cox ‘tight lipped about beau’

Courteney Cox is allegedly being careful not to talk about her relationship too much in front of Jennifer Aniston.

Courteney Cox has reportedly not been going “on about Johnny” in front of Jennifer Aniston.

The showbiz best pals have supported each other through thick and thin and have remained close since their days on TV show Friends.

Now sources say 49-year-old Courteney is being mindful about how much she talks about her new beau, Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid, because Jennifer’s relationship with Justin Theroux is apparently on unsteady ground.

“Courteney’s been decent enough to not go on about Johnny in front of Jen but she’s really happy. It’s exactly how Jen was 18 months ago when Justin proposed. Now things couldn’t be more different,” an insider divulged to British magazine Now.

Courteney and Johnny went public with their relationship in November and seem to be going from strength to strength.

There has been talk about the couple moving in together and insiders say marriage is definitely on the cards.

While Courteney is enjoying the new throes of a relationship, 45-year-old Jennifer and Justin have hit the headlines with reports that the couple’s wedding is no nearer to being booked.

“Her circle aren’t the only ones in the dark about her wedding – she is too! With them spending so much time apart, Jen and Justin aren’t even mentioning it these days- so she knows there’s a chance Courteney will beat her down the aisle,” the insider commented.

“She’s trying not to get too upset over it because she’s happy for her. But Courteney and Johnny only hooked up last year, so for them to be talking about tying the knot is really ramming home Jen’s ‘no hubby’ status.”

Jennifer and Justin became engaged in 2012 but their busy work schedules have seen them living apart for the last few months.

While Justin is in New York filming and Jennifer is still based in LA.
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Sunday, 02. March 2014