JLo thrills athlete

Jennifer Lopez has congratulated Olympic athlete Jason Brown in a surprise message that has elated the teenage sports hero.

Jennifer Lopez has sent a special message to Olympic medallist Jason Brown.

Jason took home bronze for figure skating at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, which helped the United States come fourth in the medal table.

Jennifer was joined by her American Idol co-judge Keith Urban in sending her congratulations to the American athlete.

“Hey, hey it’s Keith here with Jen,” Keith smiled to ET’s cameras.

“Hi guys, sending all our love to all of the Olympians, all the athletes out there in Sochi,” chimed in Jennifer.

“Everyone’s kicking it. And Maddie [Bowman, who won gold in women’s halfpipe skiing] congrats baby, way to go,” Keith exclaimed.

“And hey Jason!” Jennifer giggled while she waved to the camera.

The pair signed off with Keith whooping their success and fist punching the air.

Jason got the surprise message whilst chatting to presenters Charley Cullen Walters and Jen Peros about his Olympic glory.

As soon as the video finished playing, the 19-year-old couldn’t hide his glee.

“Oh my god, stop! No, no, no, no, no…. Oh my god stop, I’m obsessed with her! She said my name, she knows my name. Surreal. That doesn’t happen in real life!

“Jennifer Lopez, you’re amazing, you’re incredible…” Jason gushed.

He then went on to praise her dancing and singing skills, also commenting on her beauty all the while grinning into the camera.

The shock still hasn’t subsided for the Jennifer Lopez super fan and he took to Twitter to share his excitement.

AHH OH MY GOSH! Still can’t believe this happened! Love u @JLo! You’re incredible…#hugefan (sic),” Jason posted to his followers.
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Wednesday, 26. February 2014