Demi: Tour crowd are amazing

Demi Lovato has thanked her fans for being "amazing" throughout the Neon Lights Tour.

Demi Lovato is “incredibly happy” with the way her shows are going.

The 21-year-old singer embarked on her Neon Lights Tour earlier this month and is currently in the middle of the North America leg.

She took to Twitter to thank her fans for their support and let them know how much fun she is having on the road.

“So incredibly happy with the show tonight.. Amazing crowd!!!! Charlotte, you rocked. I love you!!!!! #NEONLIGHTSTOUR,” she wrote.

“So amazing… All because of you guys… (sic)”

Despite her hectic schedule, Demi made time to visit the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which aims to inspire youth through entertainment and education.

The 39-year-old made sure to thank the singer for her support and posted a picture on Twitter of Demi posing next to a young girl.

“you stopping by @RyanFoundation inspires our kids to be warriors everyday!! Thx for taking the time d :) (sic),” he wrote.

Demi promptly retweeted the message and replied: “Anytime!!! Xox (sic)”

The pretty star recently opened up about her emotions, revealing her biggest weaknesses are being emotional and getting nervous before concerts.

“I’m so emotional. I cry all the time. One of my friends told me how proud she was of me and how I’ve come so far [and that’s the last time I cried],” she told People magazine.

“I get really nervous and insecure when I play guitar or piano on stage… My friend said, ’Don’t think about it too much, just play.’”

Demi will play in Sunrise, Florida tomorrow and the Neon Lights Tour will continue through to May, when it finishes in Mexico on the 17th.
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Monday, 24. February 2014