Imogen ‘inspired by coffee and wine’

Imogen Poots says some of her deepest sources of inspiration can be discovered in a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

Imogen Poots finds inspiration in “coffee and wine”.

The 24-year-old That Awkward Moment actress appears in four movies this year and she has another two releases in the pipeline for 2015.

And whenever Imogen feels like she’s running low on creativity, she knows just where to discover it.

“Coffee. Coffee and red wine,” she told Muse magazine after being asked to share what inspires her.

During the interview Imogen also revealed her profession came about quite organically.

In response to what she would be doing if she wasn’t an actress, the star claimed she might be wandering around like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.

“That question gets me every time. I would’ve followed the brick road … gone to the moon or bred seahorses,” she mused.

“I never had an ah ha moment with acting. It was something that I suppose I had always been drawn to innately and quite quietly too.”

Imogen looks up to other actors and takes notes on their technical skills.

One Hollywood legend in particular serves as an endless pool of knowledge for her.

“Jack Nicholson is an actor I have always loved,” Imogen said.

“He’s not what you would expect. His eyes are doing one thing and his hands another.”

The British actress will next be seen starring opposite Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul in Need for Speed, an action film about street racers seeking vengeance.
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Saturday, 22. February 2014