Selena scarred by Justin?

Selena Gomez's family are reportedly worried about the effect her ill-fated romance with Justin Bieber had on her.

Selena Gomez’s loved ones are reportedly worried she has been “scarred for life” by Justin Bieber.

The two stars dated for around two years before splitting at the end of 2012, after which their romance became on/off.

They are not together now, although Selena has apparently found it hard to let the romance go. She checked into rehab in Arizona for two weeks in January, seemingly to get her emotional state back on track.

“She’s still having [outpatient] treatment and has a very long way to go. I don’t think she’ll ever get over this. Everyone’s worried sick that she’ll be emotionally scarred for life,” an insider told British magazine Heat.

Justin apparently changed a lot during the course of his romance with Selena. Some of that was played out in public too, as he went from a teen heartthrob to a man being arrested for DUI and allegedly damaging his neighbour’s property with eggs. He was also seen leaving a brothel and has been pictured cavorting with strippers, all of which Selena, 21, found hard to take.

“Days before she went into rehab, Selena was really emotional. She’d stopped eating, she was completely exhausted and Justin’s attempt at getting back with her [in January] brought everything back. The thing is, when she met Justin he really was an innocent puppy love-virgin. Now he’s a total punk who doesn’t care who he hurts – and boy, has he hurt her,” a source claimed.

It’s alleged Justin’s mood would change dramatically when he was with Selena. While he was sweet and loving at times, he could also make mean comments in front of other people.

Selena cancelled a series of shows at the end of last year, saying she needed time to work on herself. It’s thought she went to rehab for emotional issues, with her representative confirming she wasn’t treated for substance abuse.
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Friday, 21. February 2014