Panettiere: My defences were up

Hayden Panettiere has found a sense of normalcy from living in Nashville that she didn’t expect.

Hayden Panettiere has admitted her defences were up when she first moved to Nashville.

The actress moved to the Tennessee city last year because of her role in ABC TV series of the same name.

The New York native was afraid she would have to continue living her private life in the public eye but realised quickly that it was the complete opposite.

“When I first got here, all my defences were still up, and I was waiting for that world to suddenly creep back in,” the 24-year-old explained to Southern Living magazine. “When it didn’t, I realized that I can live a normal life here with people who don’t judge you based on what you do or who you are in the public eye.”

The former Heroes star is used to being photographed by the paparazzi wherever she goes.

But living in Nashville has gave her a break away from the cameras that she didn’t expect.

“Living in Nashville gives me a sense of normalcy that I wasn’t sure I was ever going to get back in my life,” she shared with the publication.

Hayden moved to the city with her Ukrainian boxer fiancé Wladimir Klitschko for her role as Juliette Barnes.

And she revealed they love the Nashville natives approach to life.

“I like being in a place where people appreciate the little things and don’t need a lot of stuff to be happy," she explained.

“At my core, this is the kind of person I am and want to be."

The actress has also fallen in love with the Southern accent.

And one expression in particular has struck a chord with her.

“Bless her heart. There is so much context there," she mused. “So much more is said with those three words.”

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Tuesday, 18. February 2014