Beauty School Cop Outs: The Cast

  • Sacha, 18, @SachaMTVBeauty | Sacha’s image means everything to her. She loves to change her look and says ‘I am always a different colour and a different person each week’.

  • Calvin Fox, 23, @CalvinMTVBeauty | Since becoming a professional drag queen five years ago Calvin became obsessed with all things beauty.

  • Savannah, 20, @SavMTVBeauty | Savannah is beauty obsessed, she never leaves home without her hair being done and a face full of make–up on.

  • Richard, 20, @RichMTVBeauty | Richard spends most of his time at the gym, fake tanning or getting his eyebrows done

  • Tara Omidi, 19, @TaraMTVBeauty | Tara loves to be the centre of attention and is not afraid to speak her mind

  • Daniel, 22, @DanMTVBeauty | he has a strict beauty regime which consists of eyelash tinting, spray on foundation & waxing every crevice on his body

  • Scarlett, 22, @ScarlMTVBeauty | For her the more fake tan and bigger lashes the better- she even boasts to being able apply both in the dark.

  • Jeremy, 23, @JeremyMTVBeauty | For him looking good is number one on his priority list.

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    Here are the 8 wannabes who will learn the skills of the beauty industry...

    Living together in a house in Manchester, the 8 students will be under expert guidance in a plush salon where they’ll learn waxing, shaving and tattooing among other techniques – and even practice on real customers.* Get to know the 8 beauty students in the gallery above!*

    Friday, 28. February 2014