Jared's bathroom prizes

Jared Leto's SAG Award is still standing in the kitchen.

Jared Leto keeps some of his awards in the bathroom.

The 30 Second to Mars frontman has many talents and also plays Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club, alongside Matthew McConaughey in the lead as Ron Woodroof.

It’s created a big buzz in Hollywood, with Jared already scooping 30 awards for his part and also bagging a nomination for best supporting actor at the Oscars.

“I didn’t know there were 30 awards to win,” he modestly said to the British edition of OK! magazine.

“It’s slightly embarrassing really, but yeah, it’s incredible, pretty wild. I have one award on a shelf in the bathroom.

“Some I haven’t received yet. They sit where you leave them. I think my SAG Award is still in the kitchen.”

Both Matthew and Jared lost a great deal of weight for the film.

Jared also slipped into women’s clothing to portray his transgender character.

“The heels were fine. I know what I’m doing with them,” he mused.

“But tights are really difficult to wear. I have tattoos on my legs so I had to wear two pairs to cover them up and they cut off my circulation. They aren’t comfortable, I don’t miss them at all.”

Jared, 42, auditioned for the part of Rayon via Skype.

He recalls putting on lipstick and “flirting” with director Jean-Marc Vallée for the job.

“I woke up the next day with the part, so it worked,” he grinned.

“A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!”
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Sunday, 16. February 2014