Hailee Steinfeld ‘doesn’t wish for a normal life’

Hailee Steinfeld is ok about not having a normal teenage life.

Hailee Steinfeld doesn’t feel like she’s missed out on her teens.

The 17-year-old rose to fame in the 2010 film True Grit alongside Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon.

But the actress admits she doesn’t mind missing out on regular teenage life to continue making movies.

“I feel OK about it I mean, I don’t feel like I’ve missed too much,” she said during an interview with American magazine Malibu.

“It’s not like I wish I had a social life or a normal teenage life. I’m living my life as a teenager, so that’s my teenage life.”

Hailee is currently promoting her latest film, 3 Days to Kill, an action thriller also starring Kevin Costner and Amber Heard.

But despite working with some big name stars who are much older than her, Hailee still manages to keep her feet on the ground with people her own age.

“I’m working with people my age, and I’ve got all of my friends that I keep in touch with when I’m on the road,” she explained to the publication.

A lot of Hailee’s roles have been in serious productions, and she admits that before she hit the big time, she took herself very seriously.

She would try to copy everything, but not always with the best results.

“It was probably funny because I was trying to be serious. I was imitating a lot of what I saw on T.V. I’d watch these actors do things, and it seemed so easy: I was like, “I can do that, too.” I was such a little parrot,” she recalled.

“Sometimes I’d try to write songs, and they were just… they weren’t good. I thought songs had to rhyme, so I was coming up with these terrible rhymes. Just a bunch of random stuff,” she laughed.
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Thursday, 13. February 2014