Clooney 'thought Batman & Robin was artsy'

Matt Damon has joked that George Clooney thought Batman & Robin was an "art film".

George Clooney wanted Batman & Robin to be an “art film”, jokes Matt Damon.

The 52-year-old actor starred as the caped crusader in the 1997 release, which was widely panned by critics. George is happy to poke fun at the flick as he knows it wasn’t his finest hour, with his friends just as happy to make sure he never forgets it.

“He was trying to make Batman & Robin an art film,” Matt joked to Cover Media.

“It felt like such a good chance,” George deadpanned. “It’s kind of amazing if you go back and rewind it. Watch it with the sound off and the colour turned off and it kind of is an art film.”

The pair made the joke after George was quizzed on the trajectory his career has taken. While he made blockbusters like Batman & Robin when he started out, since turning director he prefers real-life tales, such as his latest film The Monuments Men.

Although many would be embarrassed to have starred in flops, George sees no reason to be anything other than thankful for his career.

“You know, early on in your career you just take jobs because you’re excited to get them and a lot of those at the time aren’t necessarily the best of jobs. But every one of them led to another place for me,” he explained. “And for a while we’d do films and we’d say one for the studio and one for us, and as I’ve got older it’s less of that. We sort of try to work as much away from the comic book and big blockbuster films… as long as you keep the budgets down, way down, you’re able to work around the periphery of the big budget films.”

The Monuments Men follows the story of a group of World War II soldiers who were tasked with recovering iconic pieces of art stolen by the Nazis. It hits screens in the UK on February 14.
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Thursday, 13. February 2014