Lil' Kim pregnant

Lil' Kim is very "excited" to announce she is pregnant.

Lil’ Kim is expecting her first child.

The 39-year-old rapper attended The Blonds’ Fashion Week after party yesterday to announce the good news.

She added, rubbing her belly, that she could still “turn it up a little” when performing.

“I’m so excited! I’m a few months along, I can’t wait to be a mom!” she gushed to Us Weekly.

Lil’ Kim performed hit Lighters Up for the crowd and paid tribute to legendary musician The Notorious B.I.G., who passed away in March 1997.

“It’s also going to be Biggie’s birthday and the anniversary of his death soon so we [as she points to her belly] love you,” she added.

The star has decided to keep the identity of the father private at this time.

Despite the pregnancy, she isn’t planning on taking a backseat in her career.

“I’m still going to work,” she said.

“I’m still going to be hardcore; the baby has made me even more of a beast!”

Lil’ Kim released single If You Love Me in 2012.

She admits that the track was based on real-life experience, but has always been careful to keep her personal life private.

“It’s a true story. Somebody had allegedly made a record to me,” she teased to RapFix Live at the time. When probed further about who the song was in response to, Kim remained tight-lipped.

“I plead the fifth,” she jokingly added. “There is a lot in my life, in my personal life, as far as dealing in relationships, that people don’t know, and if they found out, they’ll be like, ‘What? You were with who?’”
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Thursday, 13. February 2014