Grohl’s wife ‘struggling with baby name’

Dave Grohl and his spouse are reportedly expecting their third daughter together.

Dave Grohl’s wife Jordyn Blum is supposedly having baby name issues.

According to Us Weekly, the happily married couple are currently expecting their third daughter together.

And the report suggests Jordyn is struggling with what to name their youngest little girl, as she has “already used the names she liked with her eldest girls”.

Foo Fighters and Nirvana rocker Dave, 45, married Jordyn in 2003 and they chose to wait a little while before expanding their family. The couple welcomed their first daughter Violet Maye in 2006 and their second, Harper Willow, arrived into the world in 2009.

Dave has previously spoken about how important it is for him to instill his love of music in his kin.

The star hopes his girls will be exposed to numerous genres of music as they grow older.

“It’s so important that kids know about real music,” Dave told British newspaper The Sun.

“Though I would never argue with Violet over her taste in music.

“My wonderful saint of a mother never ever told me what to listen to or what not to listen to, ever.”

Although he is constantly travelling around the world performing at concerts, Dave is a solid family man and spending time with his loved ones is a top priority.

The rocker revealed his eldest daughter Violet accepts her father’s demanding work regime, as she knows that if he didn’t work such long hours she wouldn’t get so many presents.

“‘Well, some daddies are lawyers, some are doctors – I’m a musician, that’s my job. And I go to work so that I can make money so we can have food and you can have clothes and you can have toys’,” recounted Dave, explaining what he told Violet Maye in an interview with UK newspaper The Telegraph.

“And she immediately said, ‘I don’t have enough toys!”’
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Thursday, 13. February 2014