Ashton’s ‘surprise party’

Mila Kunis rented out Ashton’s favourite restaurant for his birthday.

Mila Kunis reportedly threw boyfriend Ashton Kutcher a surprise birthday party.

Ashton turned 36 last Friday, and Mila rented out Hollywood bistro La Poubelle for a Saturday shindig.

The actress apparently made sure Ashton’s closest friends were there to celebrate.

“It was very small. Ashton has been going there for years and years,” a source told Us Weekly. “It’s one of his favourite spots, like home, so it was comfortable and they were well taken care of.”

Ashton’s loved ones supposedly helped Mila rent the place out. La Poubelle is a sought after venue known for being one of the oldest French restaurants in Los Angeles and a low-key celebrity hot spot.

“They had been planning it for awhile. Ashton didn’t want a huge thing but they got a good group together,” the source added. “He’s certainly changed from how he used to like to party years ago. This was more of a wholesome situation. They had a great time.”

Mila and Ashton purportedly “looked romantic together” at the gathering. Food included T-bone steak, shells and cheese with lobster, quail, braised rib and short rib.

“Mila gets along great with all of his friends. She’s like part of the crew,” said the source.

Although the pair have only been dating for two years, they have been friends for over a decade after meeting on That ‘70s Show in 1998.

There are even rumours the couple will soon take the next step in their relationship.

“They talk about getting married and having kids,” a source revealed. “An engagement is imminent. Ashton and Mila cook together. He knows he ended up with the right girl.”
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Thursday, 13. February 2014