Agron ‘splits from boyfriend’

Dianna Agron has “broken up with boyfriend of six months”.

Dianna Agron has reportedly split from boyfriend Nick Mathers.

The actress has been linked to the Australian restaurateur since August 2013 and it apparently became serious very quickly.

But a source told E! News the Glee star "dumped him a month ago.”

There is speculation that their busy schedules contributed to the breakup. Nick has been busy with his many restaurants, including including Kingswood in New York’s West Village and The Eveleigh restaurant in Los Angeles. Meanwhile Dianna has been filming on location in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The actress is returning to Glee for the 100th episode special, along with a host of other guest stars.

She played the role of cheerleader Quinn Fabray, the first girlfriend of Cory Monteith’s character Finn Hudson.

According to Dianna, the cast and crew will always mean the world to her and she finds it very hard not to see them every day as she used to.

“I’ve nothing but love for that show and everybody involved in it,” she told The Irish Independent. “It was such a huge part of my life, so I think it’s equally hard when I’m not there every day anymore. I don’t see all of them every day anymore to have things like this fly around… With those people it was the perfect mix of everything I needed to prepare me for everything else. We cut our teeth on that show, and it’s always going to be so special because of that.”
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Wednesday, 12. February 2014