Bad traveller Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook feels very "unsexy" when she's travelling for work.

Kelly Brook says travelling makes her “grumpy”.

The actress-and-model is seen as a sex symbol thanks to her curvaceous figure and flowing brunette locks.

While she might always seem happy and smiling, the star admits there’s one part of her job that really gets on her nerves.

“Probably when I’m travelling,” she answered Britain’s OK! magazine when asked when she feels least sexy.

“I feel travelling can make you quite tired and groggy. Lugging bags around and not having much sleep makes me a bit grumpy and not very sexy, but I have to travel quite a lot for work.”

Kelly, 34, is currently dating hunky boyfriend David McIntosh.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the star spilled how she likes to spend the romantic holiday.

“I think Valentine’s Day is all about chocolates, bubble baths, great music, champagne, lingerie and creating a nice scene,” she smiled.

“It’s all about spoiling yourself, so anything involving those things.”

Kelly also has a good idea of what she’d like David to surprise her with on February 14.

“I think an ideal gift is undoubtedly lingerie,” she said.

“I reckon all girls would love to receive some gorgeous lingerie on Valentine’s Day, so underwear, scented candles and chocolates – just the little things!”

Kelly has been working hard on British comedy movie Taking Stock, which is due out this year.

She aims to spend more time focusing on her achievements.

“I don’t reflect that much on what I have done, and I just keep moving forward,” she explained.
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Sunday, 09. February 2014