Grant ‘mortified by family revelations’

Hugh Grant reportedly "hates" the attention surrounding his children.

Hugh Grant is said to be “mortified” that people are talking about his children.

The 53-year-old actor was recently reported to have fathered his third child, a 16-month-old son born to Swedish TV producer Anna Elisabet Eberstein, in September 2012. Along with this tot he has kids Tabitha Xaio Xi and Felix Chang both with Tinglan Hong.

It is thought the two women were pregnant with Hugh’s second and third child at the same time.

The British star is allegedly keen to shun the spotlight as he looks after his kids.

“Hugh is mortified that everyone is talking about his children. He hates the attention and is very protective over his kids – but the traditional fatherhood thing doesn’t work for him,” a source told British magazine Closer. “Hugh wants to be involved with his children, but then gets to hand them back at the end of every day. They don’t live with him.”

Tinglan lives near Hugh, who is based in a £1.2million terrace house in the Fulham area of London. Anna, meanwhile, has moved into a nearby £2.9million home. Hugh is said to want to be there for both the mothers of his children. However, he reportedly wants to continue living the single life.

“Hugh will support both Anna and Tinglan and be a part of the children’s lives, but he doesn’t want a traditional relationship. He would like the children to know each other, though,” the source added. "It seems like Hugh’s got this perfect life, and he can be a dad and still live the bachelor life he adores him. He goes to his local wine bar in Chelsea most nights and chats to women. He feels he can balance both aspects of his life; he gets the best of both worlds.
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Sunday, 09. February 2014