Holliday Grainger: RPatz is normal

Holliday Grainger says Robert Pattinson has remained "normal" despite his global fame.

Holliday Grainger says Robert Pattinson is “level headed” and “normal”.

The British actress met Robert before he became a global sensation thanks to his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise.

Holliday has starred in big budget movies including Great Expectations and Jayne Eyre, but says she couldn’t imagine becoming as famous as Robert.

“He’s lovely [Robert]. I’ve known him since pre-Twilight days when he was a normal person and it was still like, ‘Ooh, you’re playing Cedric Diggory [In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire].’ He’s managed to keep very level headed and normal. I don’t understand how, I can’t fathom the idea of living a life like he lives,” Holliday confessed to British magazine Grazia.

The pair starred together in 2012’s Bel Ami, which centred on the story of Robert’s character Georges Duroy’s rise to power in Paris.

While filming the period drama, fans constantly mobbed Robert.

“On the set of Bel Ami in Budapest there would be hundreds of screaming girls there at 5am and they would still be cordoned off when we finished. He had to move hotels because there were so many people outside his. One day he was signing autographs on the way home from work at 6am after a night shoot. Bless him, that’s an extra level of hard,” she remembered.

Currently starring as Bonnie Parker in Lifetime’s miniseries Bonnie and Clyde, Holliday had to learn how to use a gun to play one half of the famous villainous couple.

“You do feel proper bada*s, like an action hero. The guns were old, without a safety catch and half-rounds in them, so they do damage, which was scary sometimes.

“There was the worry that you would get in a car with the gun still loaded and blow someone’s foot off. That you’re sued and hated and have self-loathing and ruin an actor’s life,” she smiled.
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Sunday, 09. February 2014