Cooper's faux skiing scenes

Dominic Cooper has joked the skiing scenes in his latest TV show were the result of someone blowing fake snow in his face.

Dominic Cooper was devastated when his latest shoot didn’t take him to Jamaica as that was the only reason he took the job.

The British actor portrays James Bond creator Ian Fleming in a new TV show which looks into the life of the author-and-naval intelligence officer. While the series called Fleming looks exotic, Dominic is quick to point out that was usually the result of clever camera work.

“Yes it does, but we didn’t [go anywhere]. That’s the magic of film,” he laughed to British magazine Heat. “We got told when we got the job that we were going to Jamaica – that’s why I took it – but we never made it there. There are skiing scenes, which is us standing on a machine with someone blowing flakes into our faces!”

The role will inevitably create speculation that Dominic is being eyed as the next 007, a role which has been Daniel Craig’s since 2006. The 35-year-old would feel flattered to be considered to portray the prestigious character, but can’t see it happening.

“That’s always flattering but it’s such a big role. It’s one of those decisions you can’t really say no to, but at the same time you still have to mull it over. There are so many aspects to it; it’s a character you watched as a child, all wide-eyed and amazed,” he explained.

Dominic can vividly remember how in awe he was of Bond when he was little. He used to be in raptures when watching the spy’s daredevil escapades, which is one of the reasons why he got involved with Fleming.

“Yeah, I guess my first memory of it is as a child in the ’80s,” he recalled. “Bond might not be a brilliant example of what you should be as a man, but it’s more the excitement and the cars and the travel. There was nothing else like it – you were watching it as a kid, going, ‘Please let me be able to do that!’”
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Sunday, 09. February 2014