DMX won’t box Zimmerman

DMX won’t face off against George Zimmerman, according to Hollywood boxing promoter Damon Feldman.

DMX’s boxing match against George Zimmerman has been cancelled.

The rapper was chosen to face off against the acquitted murder defendant in the ring in the coming months.

But Hollywood Boxing Federation promoter Damon Feldman announced Saturday on Twitter the match wasn’t moving forward.

“The George Zimmerman fight is canceled I’m sorry for anyone I hurt with this but this was a very big opportunity thank you,” he wrote, adding the match wasn’t about the money (sic).

“It was my decision to cancel the george zimmerman fight it was worth a lot of money to me but people’s feelings meant more to me… I walked away from av million dollar payday with this fight but to be honest I’d rather be happy and make people happy thank you. (sic)"

DMX had promised to “beat the living f**k out” of Zimmerman after he was apparently selected to be his opponent from a huge pool of contenders, including rapper The Game. reports Damon was widely criticised for exploiting the death of African American teenager Trayvon Martin.

The 18-year-old was fatally shot in February 2012 by Zimmerman, who had followed the teenager through a Florida neighbourhood because he believed Martin looked suspicious.

Many Americans were outraged by the jury’s verdict in favour of George, as many people believe the racially charged crime deserved imprisonment.

As the website reports, CNN’s Don Lemon was among those who spoke out against the match, which had been a popular subject of topic lately at TMZ.

“I’m sure like DMX, George Zimmerman needs a gimmick for a quick buck. But that buck should not be made on the back of a dead teenager. I for one will be standing my ground by having no part in the DMX/George Zimmerman circus act, if it does happens,” the journalist said.

Feldman previously promised George would have donated any funds made from the match to charity.
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Sunday, 09. February 2014