Pharrell: Success is magic

Pharrell Williams had no idea his music would become so popular last year.

Pharrell Williams finds the success of music “magical”.

The singer and producer had victory last year with his Daft Punk and Robin Thicke collaborations. Both singles became two of the most talked-about tracks of 2013.

Pharrell admits he had no idea Get Lucky and Blurred Lines would be so big and is grateful for the fans’ support.

“No,” he smiled to British magazine Look when asked if he sensed his hit singles would become so popular. “You only have a sense of what feels good to you personally. The success of a song is predicated on how everybody else feels when they hear it. If they say, ‘I like it and I want to tell somebody else about it,’ then that is magical.”

Pharrell felt honoured to work with French duo Daft Punk and also lends his vocals to another track on their album Random Access Memories.

“When they got me into the studio, that track was done and they just asked me to write on it,” he recalled. “I think I wrote it in an hour or so, but then we did a bunch of takes so they got exactly what they needed. Those guys are perfectionists.”

His latest single Happy, which is included on the soundtrack for animated film Despicable Me 2, has already made the No.1 spot in several countries’ singles charts.

It’s also nominated for an Oscar and he will perform at this year’s Academy Awards.

Quizzed on what people can expect from him this year, Pharrell seemed determined to continue his reign.

“Music, music, and more music. There’s something to be said for making music that jovial,” he explained. “I tried to tap into that a little last year with these songs because I wanted to make people happy.”
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Saturday, 08. February 2014