Abbie Cornish: Oldman’s inspirational

Abbie Cornish says Gary Oldman was "inspirational" while they worked together on RoboCop.

Abbie Cornish found working with Gary Oldman “refreshing”.

The 31-year-old actress stars alongside the iconic actor in José Padilha’s new remake of RoboCop, where American star Joel Kinnaman plays the title character.

When on set with Gary, Abbie couldn’t help but pick his brain for acting advice. Their discussions left the blonde beauty in awe of his talent and she now aspires to have a similar level of longevity.

“When I first sat down with Gary I said, ‘Gary do you mind if I ask you a few questions, actor to actor?’ I said, ’You’ve done this for a while, you’re incredible at what you do, do you still get that same feeling of excitement when you walk on the set that I feel when I walk on a set?’” she recalled to Cover Media at the world premiere of the movie at London’s Waterloo IMAX last night.

“And he’s like, ‘Every day.’ And it was so nice and so refreshing. I mean I’ve worked for around 15 to 16 years, and you look at him and it’s like, I hope that I have a career like that. It’s like that feeling, that buzz. it’s inspirational.”

Abbie plays RoboCop Alex Murphy’s wife Clara in the release. Her character didn’t appear in the original 1987 movie and she believes the mechanical police officer is given more of an emotional side by having a spouse.

“I feel I grew up with this film so it felt really nostalgic. It was so nice to be able to create that role. I didn’t do any action stuff. There’s RoboCop and there’s all the action stuff, there’s OmniCorp… I play the role of wife, mother,” she explained.

“Well I think [my role is] just a pulse, a heartbeat to Murphy’s story that helps with the humanity, the existential element of robot verses man and humanity. Mostly heart, I think.”

Abbie wore a stunning tangerine-coloured Elie Saab dress to the event.
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Thursday, 06. February 2014