Gomez ‘banned from seeing Bieber’

Selena Gomez is supposedly forbidden from seeing Justin Bieber following her stint in rehab.

Selena Gomez has reportedly been banned from seeing Justin Bieber.

The actress spent two weeks at an Arizona treatment centre in January for an alleged addiction to Ambien, alcohol and marijuana.

Now that she has left the facility, Selena’s team are said to be determined to keep her away from Justin.

“Everyone between friends, family and handlers want Justin completely out of her life,” a source told Hollywood Life. “They are making sure she is with someone at all times, like a sober friend so she doesn’t go visit Justin.”

Apparently Selena was left to her own devices the last time she saw her troubled ex-boyfriend. And now insiders insist the 20-year-old isn’t even allowed to text or call Justin.

“She was left to herself when she went to go see him last time and that mistake will never happen again,” the source added. “No one wants her to be near Justin whatsoever! They don’t want him texted, talked to or seen. They want her to be better.”

Justin has been in a considerable amount of trouble with the law of late.

In the latest of a long string of incidents, his private plane was detained and searched on Sunday when he flew into New Jersey for the Super Bowl.

According to TMZ, the 19-year-old and his entourage, which included his father, deliberately had marijuana on board even though they knew the plane would be investigated upon landing.

He is also facing prosecution for assault, vandalism, DUI and other charges in Florida, California and his native Canada.
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Thursday, 06. February 2014