Kris tells Khloé to move on

Kris Jenner is encouraging Khloé Kardashian to move forward.

Kris Jenner is reportedly telling Khloé Kardashian to “never look back”.

Khloé, 29, has been going through a split from her husband Lamar Odom, and just sold the house in Tarzana, CA they used to live in.

According to Kris, 58, now the home they shared is gone it is time to look forward and create a new life for herself.

“Kris told her once everything is out of that house that she no longer wants, it’s time for her to really be done with that place. Kris told her to ‘walk through that front door, slam it and never look back,’” a source told Hollywood Life.

Khloé has apparently done everything she can to avoid going back into the home, taking out the objects that carry the most personal value to her and leaving the rest for movers.

Despite this, she knows as the person selling the home, she has some final duties to attend to.

“She’s already taken her most prized possessions and personal belongings from that home,” the source continued. “She would rather have the movers go in there and pack up everything so she won’t have to step foot in there. But she knows she’s got to do one final walk through.”

Kris has previously spoken out in support of her daughter. The Kardashian/Jenner matriarch says the whole family is backing Khloé in this difficult time.

“It’s always tough when one of your kids goes through something like this,” she told Us Weekly. “My heart is always with them 150 percent, and Khloe – it’s tough what she’s been going through but we are just doing the best we can.”
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Monday, 03. February 2014