Sky Ferreira silent at school

Sky Ferreira was "painfully shy" while at school.

Sky Ferreira didn’t start speaking at school until she was 14.

The 21-year-old singer is known for being vocal about her feelings through her music.

However, she wasn’t always so confident and was overcome with shyness when a teenager.

“I didn’t really talk at school. At all. I didn’t really start speaking until I was maybe 14. I was painfully shy to the point where I’d either get made fun of or people would forget I was there,” she admitted to British magazine Q. “I was totally fine with people forgetting I was there. That’s what I wanted.”

The blonde star is set to release her new album Night Time, My Time this year. After a difficult childhood, which included being sexually abused on several occasions by different men, Sky discovered a way to be heard was to rebel.

“I guess I’ve always been a little bit angry but it definitely got way worse. I was acting out to prove me point,” she explained. “I was like, ‘OK, now I’ll give you a hard time.’ They were saying I was difficult because I was actually a person and not a f**king robot. Nobody was listening to me. I remember people not listening to me when I was a little girl and it was kind of the same thing. It’s how I felt my entire life.”

Sky recently struck up a friendship with fellow musician Miley Cyrus. Miley, who is also 21, has invited Sky to support her during her Bangerz tour which kicks off later this month.

Sky has been open about her admiration for her pal and was keen to continue praising her.

“She’s a smart person. She’s really supportive of other girls her age, which I don’t usually find with pop stars,” Sky explained. “That’s why I find it funny when people call her a bad feminist. She’s actually one of the most supportive artists I’ve ever met.”
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Monday, 03. February 2014