Vanessa Hudgens loves 'crazy' Coachella

Vanessa Hudgens enjoys running around barefoot at music festivals.

Vanessa Hudgens can’t wait to act “crazy” at Coachella.

The star is known for her bohemian style and she can really let it out at the annual music festival, which takes place in California in April this year.

She called it the “main event” of 2014 for her and went on to explain just why she loves the atmosphere so much.

“It’s the best… You have to be super passionate about the music… It’s a massive party,” she gushed on E!’s Chelsea Lately.

“You get to take your shoes off, run around like a crazy person and have flowers in your hair. It’s just amazing… I love being barefoot, dressing up and listening to music that I love.”

The 25-year-old insisted the festival isn’t simply a “bender”.

When host Chelsea Handler claimed it is for some people, Vanessa dismissed the comment.

“Well, that’s your own experience,” she said.

Vanessa shook of her Disney image by playing a rebellious teen in coming-of-age flick Spring Breakers.

While she really let her hair down as Candy in the movie, she prefers to keep things relatively tame in real life.

“If I want to go crazy I’ll drink a bottle of wine and listen to really loud music at home. That’s pretty much it,” she previously laughed to British newspaper The Metro.

“But I do love a good rave. I do really love good music, so throw me in a room with some really loud music and some cool lighting and I’m a dancing queen. I love [music festival] Coachella. I go every year. I’m a music festival junkie.”
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Friday, 31. January 2014