JLo gets emotional

Jennifer Lopez doesn't always manage to "hold it all together".

Jennifer Lopez cries “often”.

The megastar works as an actress and singer and also has twins Max and Emme, who turn six next month, with her ex-husband Marc Anthony.

Despite seeming like one of the most together people in the industry, 44-year-old Jennifer admits things can get too much.

“I cry often. I cry out of exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed,” she admitted to the latest edition of UK Glamour magazine.

“I’ll be holding it all together and then some little thing will trigger it – a commercial or a romantic moment in a movie – and the floodgates will open. It’s about being tired all the time. The kids’ll be in my room at 6am and I’ll think, ‘Woah, I just went to bed at 2.’”

Jennifer has a lot of time for other strong women in the industry.

She cites Miley Cyrus as a young girl who is “being herself” and also has respect for Rihanna.

Both singers are often criticised for their revealing outfit choices and sexual dance routines on stage, but Jennifer isn’t fazed.

“I love her,” she gushed about Rihanna, 25.

“She’s a free spirit and I think that’s why people – even though they’re shocked by certain things that she does – are drawn to her. I have to admire that.”

Jennifer is currently dating dancer Casper Smart, who is 18 years younger than her.

She’s been divorced three times, but it hasn’t put her off walking down the aisle a fourth time.

“I’d love to have someone to share my life with, but I don’t have to be married to feel whole,” she mused.

“I love love, but what’s more important is feeling whole on my own. You can’t really have any of the other stuff without that.”
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Wednesday, 29. January 2014