Siva ‘disappointed in Max’

Siva Kaneswaran says The Wanted had a breakdown in communication.

Siva Kaneswaran is disappointed by Max George’s recent remarks.

Max told UK newspaper The Sun there had been tension in their boy band The Wanted for a long time. According to the singer, he and Nathan Sykes really wanted to pursue solo projects despite opposition from Siva, Tom Parker, and Jay McGuiness.

According to Siva, Max should have spoken with his bandmates instead of bashing them publicly.

“I think we all need to talk, sit down, and discuss this as a band. And honestly, I think quite frankly, what Max did was very disappointing,” he told Perez Hilton. “We really have to sit down and discuss this. And I mean, figure out if it’s something that we can move past and just communicate. I think that was the problem, not communicating.”

Max made it clear the reason he and Nathan wanted to do other things is because they had the option to do so. He also insisted no one should be surprised by this decision, as it was the most logical next step.

“We had a very difficult conversation. Our manager Scooter Braun asked us who would want to take a step out after the tour and try to do their own thing. Me and Nathan both said we have other ambitions,” Max revealed.

“We were more prepared than the others because we’d looked at how things had been going with the band over the past few months. As upsetting as it might be to some of the other guys, I have to live my life. Nathan and I haven’t broken any promises either because we’re both going to be on the tour.”
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Wednesday, 29. January 2014