Jen An 'happy for Mayer'

Jennifer Aniston is reportedly a big fan of the John Mayer and Katy Perry "pairing".

Jennifer Aniston apparently wants to see Katy Perry and John Mayer start a family.

The actress dated the singer on and off between 2008 and 2009, but she’s now happily engaged to Justin Theroux.

Despite their history, she’s said to be pleased that John has found love with fellow musician Katy, who he has been seeing sporadically since August 2012.

“Jen and John have stayed friends. They’re not super close at the moment but Jen has said she likes the John-Katy pairing a lot and wants to see them start a family together,” a source divulged to RadarOnline.

“Of course Jen is in such a good place with her own relationship that she can get away with being magnanimous.”

Before finding love with Justin, Jennifer was considered unlucky with her relationships, which included a divorce from Brad Pitt in 2005.

The handsome actor is now engaged to Angelina Jolie, who he met while filming 2005’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and the pair raise six children together.

John is known as somewhat of lothario and has enjoyed romaces with stars including Taylor Swift, who is thought to have written heartbreak song Dear John about their fling.

Apparently it was initially hard for Jennifer to hear what John was up to, which the singer respected.

“But when she was single, she didn’t want to hear a thing about John’s hook-ups, and to his credit, he kept his personal life pretty low key for the two years after they broke up,” the insider continued.

“No matter what happens, there’s a lot of mutual respect between John and Jen that doesn’t exist between Jen and Brad Pitt at the moment.”
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Friday, 24. January 2014