Madonna’s crew ‘distracting SoulCyclists’

Madonna’s associates reportedly upset fitness enthusiasts with their constant chatter during SoulCycle classes.

Madonna’s entourage supposedly “talk and talk” during spin class.

The 55-year-old pop icon attends SoulCycle sessions in Manhattan’s Upper East Side from time to time with her bodyguards in tow.

And according to Page Six, her associates enrage cyclists throughout their workout.

“They talk and talk and talk while people are trying to work out,” a spin attendee told the outlet. “It’s distracting.”

Although her companions have been accused of poor behaviour, it seems Madonna isn’t offensive at all.

According to the publication, she is “perfectly behaved” while her bored entourage engage in loud conversations.

“The Material Mom typically arrives with three or four men who could be a combination of bodyguards and boyfriends. They escort her to a stationary bike and then stand at the back of the room,” the newspaper writes.

The songstress has been embroiled in controversy of late for incendiary conduct.

Madonna lashed out at critics after using a racial slur to describe her son last week and followers quickly took aim at the singer for using the racially-charged term.

The pop star posted a photo of 13-year-old Rocco Ritchie boxing on Instagram Friday night, infuriating users with the caption: “No one messes with Dirty Soap! Mama said knock you out! #disn***a."

And Madonna swiftly fought back, deleting the original image and re-posting it with a defiant message.

“Ok let me start this again. #get off of my d**k haters!” she wrote.

But on Saturday she officially apologised for her actions.

“I am sorry if I offended anyone with my use of the N word on Instagram. It was not meant as a racial slur. I am not a racist,” she wrote in a statement to CNN.
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Thursday, 23. January 2014