Lil’ Kim sued over Dead Gal image

Lil’ Kim is facing suit from a Canadian make-up artist who claims her work was stolen for the cover art of the rapper’s single.

Lil’ Kim is being sued for allegedly stealing the artwork for her single Dead Gal Walking.

The 39-year-old rapper, real name Kimberly Jones, released the track last year, featuring a colourful photo of a girl made-up to look like a zombie on the cover.

According to TMZ, Canadian make-up artist Samantha Ravndahl is now following through on a promise to sue the singer for using her image without permission

Samantha said to be is suing Kim and photo-sharing website WhoSay for $150,000.

The International Business Times reported in November Samantha had posted the image on Reddit and Instagram after doing a Halloween make-up tutorial for her website, BatALashBeauty, the previous month.

The result of the post, entitled Halloween How To: Pop Art Zombie, features a girl painting her face turquoise and her eyebrows pink, while filling in other distinct details.

The IB Times reports Kim subsequently shared an image from the tutorial on her own Instagram account, complete with her own copyright watermark.

Samantha claims she brought the issue up with Reddit, other social media outlets and with members of Kim’s team, but was ignored.

“I have spoken with a lady on her team as well as her manager, which has done a whole lot of nothing. I’ve reported the photos on Facebook and Instagram multiple times, but they are continually posted. Anyone have any thoughts on what to do here?” Samantha asked Reddit users.

Redditors encouraged her to consult an attorney.

“Honestly, I can’t believe how much the people who follow my work have stood up for me over this, it’s amazing,” Samantha replied on the thread, adding that she planned to do just that.

A spokesperson for the rapper had not commented on the case at press time.
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Wednesday, 22. January 2014