Morris is ‘great mom’

Heather Morris is “glowing” with new motherhood, says her Glee co-star Jenna Ushkowitz.

Heather Morris is a “glowing” mother, says her Glee co-star.

The actress gave birth to son Elijah four months ago, her first child with husband Taylor Hubbell.

Heather is taking part in Glee’s 100th episode two-part special, and has brought her baby to the set to meet everyone.

“It’s the Glee baby!” Jenna told E! News. “And it’s so wonderful and [Heather’s] just glowing. And she’s a mom!”

Jenna went on to say that Heather was “beautiful”, and a complete natural when it came to motherhood. According to Jenna, everyone on set already loves little Elijah.

“She takes such good care of him, it just makes you so happy and that’s like our son, too,” she gushed. “[Heather] looks great and she brought her baby to set and he’s beautiful. And she’s so happy and you know everyone’s so happy to be back together again it’s wonderful.”

With such a huge cast and crew for Glee, Jenna admits not everyone gets to play with the baby. Competition to cuddle little Elijah is stiff, with so many people wanting to spend time with him.

“There’s like 20 aunts and uncles!” laughed Jenna.

Glee’s 100th episode special will air in the US on March 16 and 25th.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Kristen Chenoweth and Dianna Agron are all set to return for the event.
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Wednesday, 22. January 2014