Season 4 of 'Awkward' with 4 new faces

Thought Collin was enough? Think again!

While were enjoying second part of season 3, more details are beginning to emerge about Season 4 of ”Awkward”. The season is just in filming and apparently it will bring 4 new faces to Palos Hills High School.

When Jenna Hamilton, Matty McKibben and the rest of the crew return for senior year, they’ll be joined by a Manhattanite, an African exchange student and a mischievous male duo.

Elizabeth Whitson, who previously made her TV debut on an episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” and Kofi Siriboe will both play students from faraway places; the former will portray the attention-snatching New York City native, Eva, and the latter will play Tyler, a student from Rwanda who’s studying in the United States for one year. Evan Crooks, who appeared on episodes of “The Carrie Diaries,” and Monty Geer will take on the roles of Theo and Cole, who come to school ready to stir the pot.

Let’s see their faces, shall we? Got any faves already?

Tuesday, 21. January 2014